Historical and Semi-Historical
A Knight's Tale:
Jocelyn's shift  completed 
     Christiana's lt. blue/ dark blue outfit  completed
Aqua's t-shirt dress completed

Ever After:
Danielle's work dress completed

King Arthur:
Guinivere's Blue Dress completed

Lord of the Rings:
Eowyn's travel coat --The Two Towers  completed

The Mummy:
Evelyn's library outfit completed

Nancy Drew Movie:
Green and orange dress and jacket  completed
Yellow and purple outfit completed

Pirates of the Caribbean:
Elizabeth Swann robe  completed
Rum Island shift  completed
Not Gold Gold dress completed
Angelica Teach completed  NEW 2014

Sense and Sensibility:
Marianne's white dress with blue dots  completed 
Marianne's burgundy dress completed

Star Wars:
Episode 2 Attack of the Clones
Padmé  Loyalist Committee -- brooch only
Padmé  Loyalist Committee completed
Padmé  Coruscant nightgown completed
Padmé  meadow/picnic costume  completed
         Padmé  Naboo nightdress and robe completed
Padmé  light blue Tatooine completed
Padmé dark blue homestead  completed
Padmé  white battle costume  completed

Dormé nightgown and robe completed

Episode 3  Revenge of the Sith
Green velvet -- brooch only completed
Padme dressing gown and underdress completed                  
Episode 4 A New Hope
Classic Leia dress completed
Battlestar Galactica (reimagined series)
Caprica Buccaneers tracksuit worn by Kara Thrace/Starbuck completed
Kara Thrace/Starbuck hospital gown  completed

Saffron's opening outfit from 'Trash' on hold
Inara-esque dress completed

Gilmore Girls
Lorelei sweater coat from 'Rory's Birthday Parties' completed NEW 2014
Lorelei outfit from 'The Fundamental Things Apply' completed  NEW 2014
Lorelei Striped Tee completed  NEW 2014
Rory sweater with gray trim completed  NEW 2014

One of Beth's jackets from 'Sonata'  completed
Beth cream sweater from 'Click' completed NEW 2014
Beth brown blouse from 'Fever' completed NEW 2014
       Beth blouse from 'No Such Thing As Vampires' completed NEW 2014

Star Trek:The Next Generation
Beverly Crusher (low budget)  completed

Jo Harvelle's jacket from 'Abandon All hope' completed

Misc. Sewing Projects
Pin holder completed
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Sites that have been a wonderful help to me on several of these costumes can be found on my links page.
Misc. Costume Projects
Water witch concept completed
Robe completed 

18th Century
Chemise dress completed
Stays icompleted

Regency era
Shifts completed
Bodiced petticoats completed
Short stays  completed
              Short stays v.2 and 3  completed and completed
Jean Hunnisett Period Costumes for Stage and Screen:                             1805-1825 corset completed

Green and yellow back closure   completed
Gold stripe back closure   completed
White on white drawstring neckline back closure  completed
Red and gold cross bodice  completed
Aqua sleeveless underdress  completed
Two half robes completed
Green flowered  completed 
Purple drop front  completed

Robes, Coats, Spencers, Pelisses
Turkey Red Spencer  completed
Blue Spencer  completed

Two bonnets completed

Civil War Era
Chemise completed
Corset completed
Petticoats completed
White flowered nearly sheer dress  completed
1859 blue-green-yellow plaid dress completed
Green dress completed
The Bird dress completed

20th Century
Tea Gown completed  UPDATED 2014
1929 draped dress completed NEW 2014



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