A Knight's Tale:
Jocelyn's shift
This was a whim project started mid-July 2008.  For the shift, I plugged my measurements in to the smock pattern generator over at the Elizabethan Costuming Page.  The pattern that comes up is very nice.  I’ve used it before and love it!  It’s very simple and easy.

Jocelyn’s shift has a wide high neckline in front and a low ‘v’ in back.  The sleeve is tight and upon closer inspection (x4 is a wonderful thing on a DVD player!) I noticed there are cuffs on the sleeves that I’d previously not seen.  All the pictures had to be lightened considerably to see details.
I bought the mid-weight linen look fabric that JoAnn's carries in sort of an oatmeal color.   I wavered between the mid and the heavy weights, but I think the heavy was too heavy. The medium had a nice drape to it, so that's what I bought.  I bought machine embroidery thread in brown, red-brown, and blue-green.  I think they’re a little brighter than the colors on the real one, but I liked how they looked together in the store.

The shift is quite comfortable and has washed well save for the bead on the embroidery chipping and falling off in the wash.  Easily fixed, however.
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