Costume Links:

These are places I go regularly for either inspiration or information.

Avail Couture: Custom wedding dresses in the Chicago area.  My cousin owns this business.

Cleopatra’s Closet: A Costume Site: Gorgeous costumes, lovely site.

The Costume Page

Costumer’s Guide to Movie Costumes: Want information on a specific costume?  Check here first!  Maggie does a great job keeping on top of new offerings in the world of movie costume.

The Costumer’s Manifesto: Lots of links.  Some working, some not.  Browse awhile.

Counting My Lucky Stars: Hasn’t been updated in awhile, but several LOTR costumes and a few others.

Elizabethan Costume Page

Ever After Costumes: For those interested in Danielle’s gowns.  One of Maggie’s sites.

Festive Attyre

Historically Dressed

Jedi  Council Forums: Costuming and Props: Many helpful people with loads of tips and information.

Jessamyn’s Regency Costume Companion

Kay Dee Designs

Katherine’s Dress Site: This woman is amazing!  Her historical clothing is inspiring.

King Kong Costume Study: By the same people at LOTR Costume.  A well done site with plenty of information.

La Couturiere Parisienne Costume and Fashion Site

Le Courtisane

Leia Costuming

LOTR Costume: A LOTR costuming information source.  A lot if information in these pages.

Maggie’s Costume Site: Maggie’s personal site, with many costumes and tips.

Naergi’s Costuming Site

The Padawan’s Guide: Look here for information on Star Wars costumes.  One of Maggie’s sites.

Prairie Ladies: This page is for the bobbin lace group I’m a part of.  It loads somewhat slow at first.

The Renaissance Tailor

The Royal Handmaiden Society: A great source for all things Handmaiden, with information on SW Episodes I, II, and III, galleries and much more.

Sense and Sensibility

SereniFly Costumes: Firefly and Serenity costuming.  Still under construction, but off to a good start.

Yvette’s Costume Site: Beautiful work on a variety of costumes and projects.

Fabric, Trims and what-not:

Dharma Trading Company

Distinctive Fabric


Fire Mountain Gems: I love this site!  One of the local bead stores here orders from them.

The Great Pattern Review

The Lacemaker: Bobbin lace supplier.

Lacy Susan: Bobbin lace supplier.

Silk Connection

Snow Goose: Bobbin lacing supplies.  I got my first roller pillow from them years ago.

Thai Silks

Van Sciver Bobbin Lace: Holly is terrific!  She’ll help you find the right weight thread or the right pins and is quick to ship.

Pages perhaps of interest.  A bit of history, etc.

Austentation Regency Accessories

Can’t Take the Sky: A firefly fan site with tons of information.

Galactica Station: For the re-imagines Battlestar.  Lots of episode information, screen caps, etc.  Good for the obsessive costumer who wants detail.

Medieval History: Lots of links.  Some work, many don’t, but a wealth of information in what does work.

Medieval Weddings

The Regency Collection

The Regency Fashion Page

Wookieepedia: Because it’s just cool, that’s why!