Kara Thrace/Starbuck Tracksuit
I believe this is also a Caprica Buccaneers uniform.
This was a quick project, meaning it only took a couple days total hours-wise from cutting the pattern to finishing most of the sewing.

I made three pieces: jacket, bra, pants. The reference pictures I used were all found at Galactica Station.  They are mostly screencaps from the episodes 'The Farm', 'Home part 1', and 'Home part 2', though there were one or two promo pictures as well.  I have cropped and lightened several of these pictures for illustrative purposes.  I worked only from screencaps, as Christmas hadn't come yet to bring me my requested DVDs of the first 2 seasons -- and our Blockbuster didn't have them.  I had not seen the costume in motion, but thought it would be fun to try to make it anyway.  The outfit was chosen mostly because I liked it and not for any recognize-ability of it.

The Bra:

Screencaps from 'The Farm' showed her with what looked like the bra she wears in various other screencaps from other episodes under the jacket, so I figured it was safe to assume it could be the bra.

So I made one, but didn't mess with trying to make the racerback style -- was under a time constraint here, so...maybe later. I used Simplicity 6265 for that and it was almost too easy. Zip, zip and it's done and when I tried it on it actually reigns in 'the girls' without a swimbra or bra cups inserted. This made me happy!

The Jacket:

Lots of pictures of the jacket.

In the picture on the far right, you can see the hem stitching clearly.
Detail shots of the stitching.    

I used Kwik-Sew 3452, view B with view A closure for the jacket.  The fabric I used was a black and dark gray ponte knit. I would have liked lighter gray, but...next time. Kwik-Sew lived up to it's name and I really liked the heavier pattern paper.  The sizes were marked by colors as well as words and it was insanely easy to read and put together. Took me a couple hours max, though I was getting loopy at the end and had to really read the directions for it to make sense. Not the fault of the pattern! I was simply really tired.  I did end up with the jacket a little shorter than I'd planned due to impatience to see the finished costume.  Next time, it will be a little lower on the hip.

I determined from the screencaps that it was standard activewear construction, with top-stitching  around the collar on the body of the jacket and on the contrast color raglan sleeves. Two rows of stitching on sleeves at the wrist and at hem, with a split in the hem right where the front black panel meets the contrast side panel. The back panel is black. Zipper is gray and hem possibly 1". The jacket has a triangular 'Buccaneer' patch on the left sleeve. It is yellow and red with a black edge. (see below)   
The Pants:

I used Simplicity 6265 for these as well. Another quick sewing project, though it did help that I'd just made a pair of pants from the pattern a day or so earlier. I really like how the ponte knit fits -- not too loose, not too tight and a bit heavier than some, but not too heavy, you know? Again, standard construction, with the stitching along the side seam and along the black beneath the yoke. The yoke is in a contrast gray to match the jacket and the tie also matches the contrast.  You can see this in pictures above.

I have black tennis shoes to wear with this and decided to just pull my hair back tightly and pull it through a black hair tie to draw up the length so it's much shorter. No wig, no cutting my hair and coloring it....this time.

Pictures of my costume both on a dressform and on me:
Update: 5-16-07:
I re-made the entire suit, this time using a lighter gray I found for the contrast.  I like this version much better.  The three pictures below show only the jacket.  The patch is pinned to the jacket.   
The Buccaneer Patch:

Wow, was I nervous about making this!  I had no idea what I was doing, but i think I did a good job in the end.    First, I traced the design onto Solvy dissolvible stabilizer, then embroidered over it.  I used heavy yellow fabric as the base and DMC embroidery thread in black and red.  It was hand embroidered because my machine doesn’t do embroidery very well.  Once the sewing was completed, I steamed the back with my iron to set the stitches, smeared craft glue all over the back  (Aleene's Original Tacky Glue in the gold bottle) and edges and left it to cure for ten days before cutting carefully along the edges.  The glue worked like a charm.  The patch is flexible yet light.  Below is a picture of the finished patch.
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