Aqua Sleeveless Underdress
completed February 2008
In an effort to jolt myself out of not wanting to sew, I rifled through my fabric bins, muttering all the while, then laid down for a nap. Unable to sleep, I started thinking about the fabric. Then I started thinking about the patterns. I got up and realized the three fabrics on top went well together. The aqua color was perfect for a sleeveless underdress, while the other two prints were perfect for two half-robes. I've just enough. I dragged out the Sensibility regency dress pattern (the Simplicity version) and set about changing it to a front opening drawstring closure.

The dress is sleeveless, with a lined bodice, closes at the waist with string attached to the opening, and at the neckline with a drawstring that is caught to the shoulder seam. It has a self-belt that is stitched to the waistline and wraps over to close the front fully with a skirt hook and eye on the side. The hem is hand-sewn and the bodice lining whipstitched to the outer fabric along the front opening. The fabric is linen-look and part of the lining is fabric leftover from another project.

Padme's corset is doing double duty since I was too lazy to switch it out with the Regency corset.  The pictures show how it closes.
It's a dress meant to go beneath other items. I'm not sure how period the construction of the front opening is, but it works fine for me. It's a snap to get into and the fabric flows very well. It'll be lovely under a half-robe and could even be worn with a blouse underneath.

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