Regency Bonnets
I dragged out directions, a straw craft hat from Michaels, and made a Regency bonnet. Never tried it before and love it! I found the directions off the boards -- directions were actually from another site,  but the link was there. They use a glue gun to put everything in place.

Bonnet #1: The fabric is leftover satin from a costume made for Tori when she was in 4th? grade. Maybe 3rd, now that I think about it. The lace is a scrap I had, the cut edges are bound with bias tape, and all other ribbon/trimming bits are from the huge stash my grandma had (that one mom and I worked an entire day on). It did take me nearly the whole day to finish this, though I expect the next bonnet to be a snap.

I've a few things I know to do differently next time, such as the hole at the top, which should be closed, but the blue goes well with several of my Regency pieces. Had 2008 Sense and Sensibility on while I worked.

Bonnet #2:  This bonnet used some burgundy fabric i've had for awhile leftover from another project and also some pretty trim I'd bought a couple years ago and hadn't known quite what to do with.  My only snag with this was burning a finger with hot glue.
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