Regency Era Dresses
Several years ago, I needed a long dress to wear as a costume for Apple and Pork Festival.  I fell into the Regency style then.  The first dress I made was from an evening dress pattern, in a green and yellow cotton.  It was one of my first grown-up sewing projects and I promptly forgot about sewing until Star Wars costuming whacked me over the head and ultimately introduced me to a much larger costuming world.  I don't have a picture of this dress at present.

My next dress was a gold stripe with a train.  I used a Butterick pattern, but hated the bodice and substituted a sundress bodice instead.  I have since added trimmings to this dress,  ripped open the back, and put in a zipper.  I have to be able to dress myself for Apple and Pork days and buttons up the back don’t cut it even if they are accurate.  Revised is on the right.
Then came the white on white dress.  This was using Simplicity 4055.  I didn’t alter it at all.  The fabric was one Joann Fabrics had plenty of and I bought plenty!  I think they still carry the design.  I happily ignored the fact that I can’t reach back and button myself and put tiny pretty buttons down the back.

Finally tired of needing help dressing, last fall (2007) I altered S4055 and created a front opening dress.  The long sleeves are detachable, it fastens on the left, and the trim is hand tatted lace my mother-in-law bought for me.  It was a comfortable dress to wear and getting dressed was a snap.

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