1805-1825 corset
Based on Jean Hunnisett’s pattern in Period Costumes for Stage and Screen
About mid-December, I started scaling up the pattern and cutting out the pieces for a muslin.  I decided to use hemp cord for the areas of cording.  I did not do a lot of cording on it, just a channel on either side of the busk pocket and four lines under the bust gussets.

It took several tries to get the hip gussets placed right and I moved seams all over the place.

In January of 2008, I was finally happy with the pieces and began the corset with my fabric.  It was completed January 22.  I chose quilter's cotton from Joann Fabrics for the outer layer and plain white muslin for the inner, for a total of four layers.  For the boning I used cable ties I bought at Menards.  Currently, my busk is a paint stirrer.  It will be replaced later with a proper busk.

Sources for helpful advice:

Jenny La Fleur's pages  are wonderfully helpful, as is Katherine's site.  I highly recommend both.
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