Blue-Green-Yellow Plaid
Made for the Eureka,IL Sesquicentennial (2009)
I mocked up the bodice using one of my Simplicity patterns. It would have been easier to mock up the Laughing Moon pattern and make changes there, but I wanted to try the Simplicity pattern. Note to self: next time, just use the LM pattern you know fits you well and save yourself a ton of muttering and grief.  I fought with this pattern and probably won’t use it again.

Pattern used: S4900

Pattern pic and bodice in progress:
I love matching plaids, I love matching plaids, I love matching plaids, I love matching plaids.... If I say it enough, will it be true?

The armholes, neckline, and waist are piped with self piping. For awhile I contemplated piping the back sides, but decided it'd end up hidden under the trim.  I altered the waistline to curve instead of point and changed it from a back opening to a front opening (that whole have to dress myself for events thing!). The skirt is sewn to the bodice instead of being separate.

Dress with no trim, collar or undersleeves:
The trim I ended up with is a navy. I was sooo hoping for a garish yellow! Unfortunately, neither Hancock, nor Joanns still had that perfect trim I’d just seen.

Guess what I did while really tired? I used the wrong measurement to cut the first skirt panel and it was 20" too short. I'd been looking at the petticoat numbers instead of the dress numbers. Luckily, I was still awake enough to realize it didn't look quite right and stopped before cutting any more. This means that the circumference of my skirt is only 126" instead of 140". Yeah...I sort of freaked out for awhile until I realized I don't wear a hoop! Who the heck is going to be able to truly tell when I've got petticoats on?

Moral of the story is don't cut fabric when tired.

The undersleeves have elastic at the top and a false button closure. They're easy to pull off. The trim is basted on so I can change it out or just take it off when I get tired of it. I have more trim and am considering adding some to the sleeves as well. I'd originally planned two rows of trim, but decided one was plenty.
At the Eureka Sesquicentennial, with my new slatboard bonnet:
I had a great time, but by the time I got home, after only a few hours, the right armhole was pulling uncomfortably.  I suspect it’s an issue with the seam and the chemise bulking together there, so I’ll try wearing this with a different chemise before ripping anything apart to fix.

June 2009:  I wore this to General Grierson Days in Jacksonville, IL with a different chemise and it made a world of difference in the armhole!  I was pleased to be in the fashion show this year, but forgot my camera and have no pictures of the event.  :-(
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