Regency Underthings
To make my first corset, short stays, I used the Simplicity version of the Sensibility pattern (S4052) and was completely unaware of the changes Simplicity had made, such as adding ease.  To a corset.  Needless to say, it doesn’t fit right and taking it apart will be tons of no fun.  The gussets for the ‘c’ cup don’t seem to actually fit a ‘c’ cup and I doubt I will use the pattern again.  A picture below.
Neither do I like the shift pattern.  I had much better luck using an Elizabethan smock pattern generator (look under Elizabethan underpinnings -- the smock pattern generator link is near the bottom of that section).  Not only does the pattern generator one fit me better, it was a darn sight easier to put together.
Using S4055 as a base, I followed Jennie Chauncy’s directions on her site and made a bodiced petticoat.  The skirt is corded with Sugar and Cream crochet cotton and I cheated the closure in back by using a zipper.  I have to be able to get into it by myself.
For future projects, I plan on making pantalettes, using the Mantua Maker pattern and a new corset with their 1810-30 Stays pattern.
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