Two half robes
completed February 2008
White with aqua print half-robe:

The first of two half robes.  I used a mish-mash of the Simplicity version of the dress and the dresses from’s Elegant Ladies Closet.  The sleeves were the mid-length option on the ELC pattern and I threw this together fairly quickly.  There’s a drawstring at the neckline and one hook and eye at the waist.
Dark green with aqua half-robe:

For this one, I stayed with the Elegant Ladies Closet pattern save in the skirt, simply altering the drawstring bodice option to a front closure drawstring.  I did increase the amount of fabric in the bodice by several inches, as I wanted plenty of gathers to hide the opening slightly.   The sleeves are the long sleeve option.  I had, oddly enough, more trouble with these sleeves than the shorter ones!  It closes with the drawstring at the neckline and laps over to the left side a couple inches at the waist, closing with one hook and eye at the beginning of the skirt and a second those approx. two inches in.

I must say, I absolutely love the Elegant Ladies Closet pattern!  As much trouble as I had with the spencer pattern, I was half afraid I'd have trouble with this one as well, but I didn't.  Beautiful pattern and highly recommended.
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