Christiana lt. blue/ dk. blue
Begun 2008
Finished July 2011
I made the underdress a mish-mash of S7964 and an Elizabethan t-tunic pattern.  This part was completed in 2008.

It was the surcoat that held me up.  I finally found a pattern I thought would work with a few changes.  I added fullness to the skirt, making the panels more like a circle skirt and angling from the knees to roughly the ankle in back.  I changed the shape of the center front pieces and made them a collar.  The bottom contrast on the sleeves was changed to more of a bell shape.  The bodice of the surcoat is fully lined as are the cuffs and I stiffened the collar and cuffs with interfacing -- light on the collar and heavier on the cuffs.
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