Jo Harvelle jacket
Abandon All Hope S5
Completed 2010
A few reference pics.
I'm not sure why I like this jacket so much, I just do.

My page of notes, which has all of the details I noticed and a couple I speculated on:
I decided to use my trusty S4412 view E jacket pattern:
I used gray stretch something or other I've had in my stash for a couple years -- probably poly. Added 2 welt style zippered pockets on the breasts on both sides, 2 wide pockets with flaps at the hips, and 1 pocket with a flap on the left arm. The pocket patterns were all my own. The welt pockets were guess and trial work. It helped that I already had a jacket with similar pockets to look at! I wanted all pockets and closures to be functional and usable and did succeed in that.

I shortened the sleeves to add a cuff, added length to all of the body pieces and also added to the center front to accomodate the invisible buttonhole placket. The collar I adapted from the existing pattern by changing the shape slightly -- pointing the ends and shortening the collar overall by about 1".

10 7/8' buttons and 1 5/8" button. The pulls on the zippers are made from lt. gray single fold bias tape.
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I also made a skirt from this fabric, so I do have a complete 'suit'.  3-31-11:  I've since gotten rid of the skirt.

I used New Look 6898 with no modifications.