Elizabeth: Rum Island Shift
It has a light pattern to it that approximates the look of the real one nicely, IMO.  The three pictures below show the pattern on the fabric, the lacing on the chest and sleeves, and the picot trim that edges the bodice.  I believe the trim also edges the sleeve around the forearm as well but I'm not 100% certain.
Shift: I chose this fabric:
Since one of my hobbies is bobbin lace, I decided to make the picot trim myself as a learning project in creating and working my own pricking.  In the end, I did have help from my bobbin lacing friend Judy.  She aided me in figuring out how to stabilize the picots.

Bobbin lace edging:

First, I drew out the pricking in the size I wanted. Below is a scan in case anyone wants to use it. Just enlarge or decrease to the size you want. I'd tidy it up a bit as well!
I then copied it several times onto colored paper, then laminated it, and finally added the needle holes.  I don't usually laminate my prickings as most are quick projects.  This one, however, needs to last.  My goal is 5 yards of lace.
I wound 9 pairs of bobbins with white Fresia brand 40/2 linen thread.
The stitches are simple, beginner stuff really:

Make a SE on the left
CTC through pr7
WT pr 8 and 9 2X, then 2 thread picot with pr 9 and WT 2X back down with pr 8 and 9
Finish CTC the weaver pr through pr 8 and 9
Twist the weaver 1X, pin, and CTC back to the left

Change stitches as you wish.

SE = sewing edge
CTC = cross twist cross
WT = whole throw
pr = pair, as in a pair of bobbins (2)

If anyone uses the pricking let me know!  I'd love to see pictures of it worked in other colors and thread weights.

A picture of the in-progress work:
And finally, I spray the sections with extra hold hairspray as I work. The hairspray works like starch and helps to hold the stitches.

I plan on beginning the shift muslin later this year (2008).
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2010:  Boy, did I so not work on this in 2008 or 2009!  A lot changed in my costuming plans.  I finally settled on New Look 6352 for this, making the center front opening by cutting the front panel on the selvage.  I used the basic sleeve included, only I extended it to elbow length, made up a full sleeve, then cut it straight down the arm from shoulder to elbow.  The shift is fully lined to guard against sheerness.

The center front lacing holes are hand done, the 34 total on the arms were made using an old Kenmore with an eyelet function.  I set the holes for spiral lacing and laced accordingly. 

The trim is not handmade, but rather some I found at either Hancock Fabrics or Joann Fabrics.