Nancy Drew Yellow and Purple outfit      Skirt Completed 08-07, Shirt/headband completed 9-07
The poster and a picture of her sitting.
Skirt pattern: New Look 6190 view D
Shirt: a bought shirt in white from Target.
Headband: An old one recovered
Shoes: Again from Target
Belt: Tori nixed using a belt, opting to just have one line of trim at the bottom of the shirt.

Honestly, this outfit barely gave me any trouble save for dying the shirt.  I accidentally left it in the yellow dye too long and it came out nearly neon.  Cotton really sucks up dye!  It took awhile to get the dye toned down using dye remover, but Tori approved the final color.  We covered an old headband with fabric leftover from the skirt and cut strips to add to the t-shirt neck, sleeves and bottom edge.
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