This is a very simple garment really.  The Padawan's Guide has reference pictures if they are needed.

Pattern used: Simplicity 5375 (view 3 -- the angel costume)

Instructions: Make the basic gown as instructed in the directions. 

For the neckline (directions for a drawstring):

1. Using the elastic guide, cut a bias strip twice as long as the guide.  (Fabric has to have a bit of stretch to go around the neckline.)
       2. Hem the ends. 
3. Pin to the neckline, leaving a small opening for the string in front.
4. Sew on.
5. Bring raw edges under and pin so raw edge is folded inside.
6. Hand stitch in place.
7. Run string or ribbon through neckline and tie in front or tuck inside bodice.

The first time I made this, I used a plain colored cotton I'd had on my shelves.  It took me three days for the fact that real life intruded and I had to do other things besides sew.  I could have completed this costume in one day otherwise.  The second time I made this, I used plain white muslin that was much lighter than the previous fabric.

Notes: My measurements indicated I should make the large, but it is very big.  I could have made the medium instead with plenty of room still.  With the second gown, I cut down the pattern a bit.  You can make the neckline fixed and not have a tie for it, but I prefer to keep neckline size options open.

The gown is comfortable to sleep in if you're used to wearing long, flowing nightgowns.  Both the heavier cotton and the lighter muslin I used have washed very well.

A new picture of the white gown:
Coruscant Nightgown
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