Leia: ANH
Pattern: Simplicity 4443   Didn't make too many modifications to this pattern at all. I made the hood 9" longer so it would sit at Tori's butt like in the reference pictures and used a shorter zipper than it listed on the pattern instructions. We also made a slit in the sides at the bottom. For the belt, I used the tutorial at Obi-Wan's Jedi Academy.

Other Supplies:
1. really, really long fake hair, bobby pins, hairnet -- We used clear 'ouchless' hairbands to secure the ends and then twisted the hair until it started to curl back on itself. A two-person job to hold the hair and secure it as you work around. When finished, we covered the buns with hairnets the same color as the fake hair.

2. craft metal, snaps, cover buttons, white vinyl -- A word on vinyl. For the Padmé Battle costume, I used straight vinyl with no fuzzy back. It was stiffer than the other kind and I liked it better. It also worked beautifully. For this belt, I used the fuzzy back kind and let me tell you, it is a pain in the ass to work with. Never again.

Here's a picture of Tori in her costume. I couldn't get her to pose how I wanted, so a sitting pose will have to do.
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