ROTS Dressing Gown and Under Dress
The Underdress:  A long while back, I had a huge ordeal dyeing lace and the final lace I chose for this was polyester. It took the dye too well and I had to over-dye it in hopes of salvaging it. I think the over-dye went well and I ended up pleased with the color. The pattern I used was the Simplicity 4996 sundress pattern that I think a lot of people are using for this, but I chose to use the squared neckline option. I've made so many of the sundresses that this went together fairly easy.

For the ribbon: I used bais tape and made my own. It's really easy to do, just like making spaghetti straps. The resulting 'ribbon' was filled with two lengths of string, as I didn't have anything wide enough in the house.

The jewelry: I got the beads at Hobby Lobby -- the large dangle is from the home dec department. It's part of a tassel! The metal bits (uhh....tiny jump rings, tiny eye pins and metal plaques) were all from Fire Mountain Gems.  The plaque item number has apparently changed since I ordered, but doing a search will likely turn them up. The jewelry was a pain to put on because it was really rather small.
The Robe:
The robe is sewn together. I used the same pattern that I used for the Dormé robe, too. A word on the eyelash type fabric though. It sheds like crazy!

I've made the closing tassels for this. To cover the wooden balls, I had to learn the flat round peyote beading stitch, which involved much ripping out of threads and nashing of teeth. Several good resources for the flat round peyote and for making beaded balls: are here:, Beaded ball series, and Beaded Rocks. I read through several sources and started in.
January 2008:  Next up on this is the trim.  I might make this myself, but I haven’t decided for sure.


What I did for the trim: I took a wide black satiny ribbon I got in $1 bag of ribbonny goodies and added two rows side-by-side of this funky furry multi-colored trim I bought a couple years ago, then added a thin gold trim down the center. Works for me!
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Finished Robe:
Hair, hair bands, and headband:  The hair is a fake big braid unbraided.  The bands were all made from fun foam.
Completed costume: