Gilmore Girls:
Lorelei Striped Tee

Completed March 2013
This is the tee that Lorelei wears, I think in the episode where she moves Rory into her dorm.  Her shirt is pink and white.  The front stripes are angled, while the back is straight across.

Fabric: Black and white stripe, 1 ½ yards from JoAnn Fabrics clearance

Pattern: “Kirsten Kimono Tee” from

I got this as a free download in 2012 and was intimidated by the cm to inch conversion necessary for European patterns.  I had to print it out, tape it together, cut it out, then trace it onto pattern paper and add the allowances before cutting the final pattern and getting to the fabric.

Construction: The original pattern has a boat neck, but I altered it into a ‘v’.  This was a pretty easy tee.  Just the prep was time consuming.  For my version, I made front and back with angled stripes.
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