Evelyn's Library Outfit
finished 11-07
re-done in 2008 2X
Evelyn wears similar skirts in beige-y tones in several scenes. They look to be the same cut. A center front panel, with two side front panels. Between these panels are possibly gores, possibly pleats that begin above the knee.  It’s been suggested both ways to me and I’m not knowledgeable enough about either to say one way or the other.   In the packing scene after returning from Hamunaptra, both front and the back gores/pleats are clearly seen as she and Rick move around and around arguing. I don't have any screencaps for that aside from what's here.  I haven't done the historical research to know if this skirt style is period or if it's just a style that flattered Rachel Weisz's body shape the best. The gores/pleats could also have been added simply to give her a better freedom of movement during the scenes.  A fairly flat and slim front.  A center back closing. 

Her skirts:
Working from the top down:

The hair: I just hastily pinned it up. The side sections were brought up, flipped and held with tiny claw clips underneath. Two more side sections were brought up and to the center beck, held with pins and the very back section was rolled over the pinned second side section and pinned in place. Not something that would stand up to a day, but fine for a few minutes to take pictures. For wearing this, I'll plan ahead and actually set my hair in rollers the night before. Either that or wear it like crazy when I get my hair re-permed in loose curls next summer!

Jewelry, glasses, scarves: The glasses are real. I'm blind as a bat without them. The necklace was bought years ago right after the movie came out and is a locket. The scarf is just a black scarf I have in my scarf basket.

The shirt: A man's white with thin blue stripe shirt that I've had forever. Someday I might make a shirt for this, but for now, this one works beautifully.

The skirt: This was made using B4235, which I've forgotten to take a picture of.  I used two yards of butter suede in a beige-tan shade that I got last year on clearance at Joann's. I still have about three yards left. The zipper was an invisible zipper, which was a new experience for me. I cut the panels slightly bigger than the pattern and was glad when I tried it on that I had. It's a snug fit, though not uncomfortable. The waistband and hem were hand sewn and there is a skirt hook to close the waistband. The longest part of this project honestly, was waiting for the bias to settle. The belt I already had.

The shoes: I love these shoes! I got them for my wedding almost 13 years ago and only wear them about twice a year. Still, I love them to pieces and wish I could find more like them.

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Since the first version, I've made two more versions of this skirt.  I used B4392 from 1989 (view B) as the base. Had to size it up a size and move the pleats.
I took this to Costume Con 2010: