Civil War Era Undies

Simplicity. Made of that Sheermist stuff Hancock Fabrics carries. It's very soft and lightweight. The pattern was easy and I barely glanced at their instructions.

Laughing Moon, same as above.  I made the Dore corset.  I love my corset! I love the fit, have discovered the bunny ears lacing works nicely, and can honestly say when asked that it's very comfortable.
Easy. Made about a day before the last event. I used plain muslin and discovered tucks aren't as hard as I'd thought. Didn't think to press these after washing as they wrinkle when wearing anyway.

Laughing Moon #100
Petticoat #1:

Elizabeth Stewart Clark's directions. Easy. Just a little bit of math. (Didn't feel like lacing my dressform into the corset, so it's not in these pictures.)

I used ties on the front and back so I can adjust the fit easier. It has 7 rows of cording and when I got tired of cording, I added two big tucks, 2" and 1.5".
Petticoat #2:

Elizabeth Stewart Clark's directions. This one is shorter, with two buttons in the back (Thin day button and fat day button!).
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