Saffron's opening outfit from 'Trash'
The Blouse: This blouse is a peasant tie front with full sleeves and lines of shirring across the stomach. The pattern is a reddish floral on white.
I plan on using Butterick 4427 as the base pattern.
I tried to figure out how to make Saffron's 'Trash' blouse without making an actual muslin. It wasn't hard. I've decided to use a full drawstring at the neckline instead of the elastic/drawstring combo the pattern calls for, or at least really shorten the elastic and elongate the drawstring. Shirring was easy as it turned out. I figured out I can mark the starting line just under the arm, then space the lines a 1/2" apart easily enough. The front opening on the pattern is obscenely low, as in 'everyone will see to your navel low'. Will need to cut that down by two-thirds. Oh, and (as usual) cut about five inches off the bottom to get it the right length.
The fabric for the blouse. I was very pleased to find it.
The Skirt: The skirt is a wrap or a fake-wrap that ends above the knee. It has a scalloped lacy edge and lace trim along the left hip and thigh.
I've tried three base patterns and none have worked, so I'll keep looking. I was wondering if perhaps this isn't a skirt, but rather a skort, considering the smallish fight with Mal and the kicking?
Jewelry: Saffron wears a necklace, earrings and bracelet with this ensemble. The necklace is beaded with a beige pendant that has a reddish, floral design. The beads match the red. Her bracelet and earrings match in colors. I plan on making the pendant out of Sculpey.
Shoes: She appears to be wearing thong sandals that have a band about the foot.
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