January 9, 2014: I'm a little behind in adding various projects! I'll be discontinuing this page due to time, so please just look at the main index of costumes for notice of updates.

July 28, 2012 : I haven't updated, not due to laziness on my part (which is the usual reason!), but rather because I haven't had any projects I wanted to add.  I did recently complete a commissioned project: 1910 Bleriot XI Thulin wings.

July 21, 2011:  The 18th century stays have been completed and updated.  The Christiana lt. blue/dk. blue has been added and is completed.
April 9, 2011: The 18th century stays have been added.
March 31, 2011: I added the Tea Gown, the Padme dark blue homestead, and The Bird Dress.  A slight update was made to the Jo Harvelle jacket.  Believe it or not, but I have no Star Wars projects pending!  That's the first time in a very long time.  I do, however, have a few historical projects I'm starting for this year.  perhaps I'll do better on updating now that everything is current!

December 9, 2010:  Look mom, I updated!  I've added the Not Gold Gold dress and updated the Rum Island shift.
August 4, 2010:  Wow, it's been a long time since I've updated this page!  I've updated Jo Harvelle, Evelyn, and Padme Picnic with new pictures and info.

July 23, 2009:  Updated -- short stays v2 +3, Padmé  Loyalist Committee, Marianne's burgundy dress. Added -- green flowered Regency and purple drop front.
July 7, 2009: Guinivere, Padme picnic, Padme Naboo nightgown and robe, and Padme Loyalist Committee have been updated with new pictures.  Newly added: Regency bonnets, Regency short stays v.2 and 3, Marianne's burgundy dress, and 1859 blue-green-yellow-plaid dress.
June 5, 2009: I've added Danielle's work dress from Ever After.
June 4, 2009: Not being very good with this whole update thing am I?  I did add one of Beth's jackets from the  Moonlight episode Sonata and changed a few in progress notations to completed.  Another update is coming soon.
January 21, 2009: Padmé  Loyalist Committee and Guinivere's blue dress  have been updated.
January 5, 2009: Padmé  Loyalist Committee and Evelyn's library outfit have been updated.   Medieval Robe has been added.

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