1910 Bleriot XI Thulin
Wings project
My Father-in-law, who works with antiques, bought a small plane in pieces and it was identified as this particular plane.  It’s a fairly small plane and I honestly don’t know how anyone had the bravery to actually fly one.  Anyway, the wings needed covered and he asked me to tackle the project.
The muslin was simple.  I took 6 yards of muslin, opened wide, laid it on the floor and laid the wing on it, flat side down.  Then I flipped the muslin over onto the top as well and pinned the pieces together at three of the sides.  I figured a seam allowance past the pins, then cut the excess fabric away.
I used approximately 10 yards of Kona Cotton in red.  He liked the red and, as he plans to display it dangling from the ceiling of his antique business, he wanted it to stand out.  The fabric was special order to have enough.  I also used curtain grommets to open up the area where the hooks are.  The final cover slides onto the wings like a sleeve and the entire project took 2 hours to complete.