2007 Archived updates
December 5, 2007: A big update today, for me anyway.  Nancy Drew Green and Orange, ROTS Green Velvet brooch, Leia ANHInara-esque dress, Regency underthings, Pin holder.
December 4, 2007:  I've added one Nancy Drew outfit.  Nancy Drew Yellow and Purple.
October 22: 2007: I've added the two Battlestar Galactica costumes.  Kara's hospital gown and her tracksuit/Caprica Buccaneers uniform.
October 20, 2007: Beverly Crusher has been added.
October 10, 2007: I've updated with the Elizabeth Swann robe and the Padmé  Loyalist Committee brooch.
October 1, 2007: I've updated with the Aquamarine t-shirt dress and the Eowyn travel coat.
September 28, 2007: I created the costume index today.  I hadn't realized how many costumes I've actually worked on these past...what?...two years?  Three?  I cringe at some of my early efforts!
September 27, 2007: Welcome to the new home of my costume site, formerly located here.  While I liked having everything all in one place, keeping up with the site format within the costumes area was tiring.  I never felt like working on it because it involved so much.  This move is for a simpler, cleaner look.  I'll be working on adding the costumes over the next weeks, so please be patient!