2008 Archived updates
October 16, 2008: Updated with pictures: blue spencer and Civil War era white flowered.
September 18, 2008: Updated: Padme's Loyalist Committee gown  Added: Sense and Sensibility - Marianne's white dress with blue dots and the blue spencer.
September 12, 2008: Padme's Loyalist Committee gown has been started, Jocelyn's shift from A Knight's Tale added, and Padme's light blue Tatooine costume updated.
July 2, 2008: Added are the Civil War Era undies, Civil War era green dress, Civil War era white flowered nearly sheer, and chemise dress.  The links page and Padme lt. blue Tatooine have been updated.
April 14, 2008: Both Padme's Naboo robe/nightdress and Padme's picnic dress have been updated.
April 1, 2008: Padme's picnic dress has been updated.
March 5, 2008: Added:  Regency robe, Evelyn library outfit, Padme lt. blue Tatooine, Padme Naboo nightdress and robe, Padme picnic dress, and a Civil War era section.  I almost have everything current now!
February 26, 2008: Added today: Aqua sleeveless underdress, two half robes, more Turkey red spencer pics plus a revised opinion on the pattern.  And I've fixed the site nav that has been floating about the pages in different areas.
February 5, 2008:  I've added the 1805-1825 corset and the Turkey red spencer.
January 16, 2008: I've added the Padme ROTS dressing gown and underdress and the Rum Island shift.
January 11, 2008: Padme's white battle and Guinivere's blue dress have been added, plus I fixed several tiny annoyances on several pages.  I've also added a few pictures I've been meaning to add in various places.
January 10, 2008:  I've added Padme's Coruscant nightgown and Dorme's nightgown and robe, along with a King Arthur section that currently has just a listing for Guinivere's blue dress and no link, as I'm still researching and amassing supplies.  Also newly listed as I research are the Turkey red spencer and the blue spencer.  While I've started the Regency corset, I haven't a page ready yet.  Please be patient!
January 9, 2008: Updated pages and added pages are Saffron, Water Witch, and Regency era dresses.  Updates from 2007 have been moved to an archive page for now.